What ‘traveling light’ means to me

How many types of travelers are out there? In what way do their travel choices and travel styles differ?

It’s interesting to see how people travel so differently from one another. There’s the ‘practical’ ones who pack just a few things that are essential for them on a trip. This group is usually the kind that don’t mind wearing the same 3 outfits and making different combinations out of them on different days. Then we have the ‘overpackers’ who are the complete opposite. They have the “what if I need this or that” mentality, but they soon realize that these extra items they packed end up not even being used once during the whole trip! There are travelers who like big roller suitcases and there are those who prefer light duffel bags or backpacks. I myself love traveling with a backpack filled with all my favorite belongings. That list includes my camera gear, laptop, some clothes, toiletries, maybe my wet-suit, and a few other things.

However, I believe it doesn’t matter what type of traveler you are or what your travel bag of choice is. You can always travel light! Traveling with fewer things allows you to move around more easily, worry less about making extra payments for overloaded luggage or about finding space for it wherever you are. Also, it definitely reduces the risk of losing your belongings or having to get rid of some that you may like. But in essence, ‘traveling light’ goes beyond the material and physical sense. 


So, what else can traveling light mean?

Allow me to explain what I mean when I address the idea of traveling light. I am talking about going on a trip with a mental and spiritual lightness in order to be able to truly discover wonders while wandering. When we travel with a light mind, we allow ourselves to be present in the moment and enjoy what our senses are taking in from our surroundings. When we travel with a light spirit and leave heavy (and useless) vibes and thoughts behind, we are more likely to enjoy where we are and what we are doing with the people we are doing it with. This ultimately means that traveling with a light mind and a light spirit allows us to authentically and fully admire a place, its people and an experience in its (near-perfect) entirety. Traveling light for me equates to truly living.

The more room we have in our invisible backpacks of our spirit, soul and mind, the more we can welcome in.

We create space for more memories, new and eye-opening conversations, and inspirational interactions with our new traveler and local friends. When we travel light, we are able to flow more easily with the energies and vibes surrounding us. Traveling light allows us to be detached of what holds us back from exploring a new place or going on an adventure off the beaten path. It detaches us from illogical fears, obsessive thoughts, and gives us the ability to get rid of some of the things that accidentally got into our bags and are no longer any good for us. 


Can a traveler’s travel style change as they spend more time on the road?

Well the answer is simply, yes! The more you travel, the lighter you learn to be and the more you learn about how best to experience this beautiful world. The more you practice, the better you get at it.

So, it is entirely up to you how you choose to travel; only you know your style. If you find that you don’t really know much about your style yet, you will soon once you make the choice to seek out these necessary adventures and make them a part of yourself, your life. My only advice to you would be to always, always, always travel light and I guarantee your experiences will be more fulfilling!