6 travel playlists for every type of adventure


By Denise ter Avest

This one’s for the music lovers—the ones who like to keep life vibrant and groovy through the art of sounds!

Here at With, we have 6 main tribes that describe the type of adventure you will experience when traveling with our Nomads; our expert travel personalities that embody these tribes with their travel style. These tribes all have a theme and, I believe, a genre of music that would best suit each of them.

Below are the tribes, along with a travel playlist that I believe most suits each one.  


The Active travel tribe

Hiking, mountain biking, rafting and all the other outdoor activities you can do are so much better when you start off, or also continue, with music. A power boost is all you need sometimes when you’re about to brave a mountain or join the crashing waves of a river. I love hyping myself up with music before intense physical activities, it gives you a sense of strength. The playlist I would recommend most for this tribe is this one. 

The Expedition travel tribe

I’ll admit that music isn’t always a necessity during expeditions, but there will be moments where you want to rest before continuing your expedition. In these moments, music is great for soft background noise, alongside the relaxing sounds of nature. This playlist is for the breaks and cozy evenings.  

The Wellness & Education travel tribe

Stress release is an important start to your travel adventure. I’ve always loved to use music to hype myself up, but also to calm myself before, during and after a holiday. The wellness & education tribe invites you to relax and discover the ways that will help you do this. I’ve found a soothing and beautiful classical music playlist that I hope will do this for you. 

The Urban travel tribe

Exploring the city? Take this playlist with you! You won’t feel so alone anymore with great music to accompany you. I love walking around a city I haven’t visited before to explore it and music is the last piece to the puzzle. It completes the cultural travel experience. Use this playlist to find your way to amazing and unexpected places you never would have experienced with a tour guide. 

The Food travel tribe

Cooking alone and wanting someone to accompany you? Been in a situation like this before? Well I can definitely say I have and that cooking with music is an amazing experience! You can sing along or just enjoy the music while also making food. Being part of this tribe, you love to experience new foods, learn how to cook new things and cultural delicatessens. I believe that music plays a large role in the discovery of cultural food. That’s why I’ll recommend the following Spotify playlist for your food adventures.  

The Art & Festivals travel tribe

There are so many types of festivals, so one playlist could never cover them all. But with my knowledge, I’ve found a playlist that fits the culturally expressive festival feel. Missing your favourite festivals? I hope this playlist helps with that! 

I hope you were able to find the right travel playlist for you or one that your ears enjoyed!

If you have any recommendations for playlists you think would fit in one of the tribes, let us know on hello@with.travel!