Post-trip blues: What to do once you get home from a trip?


By Denise ter Avest

Every traveler looks back after leaving a travel destination, I’ll admit that I do it too. Travel nostalgia is a real thing! It can happen days, weeks, or even months or years later. Nevertheless, we all look back and have a rush of feeling wanderlust and aching at the same time. I call this post-trip blues 

Sometimes the solution is to travel back to the place we felt so connected to and to recreate experiences that had such a powerful impact on our lives. However, this is not always possible. This wasn’t possible for me in most cases so I decided to find ways to harness and use these memories, and produce a physical memory. I believe that I made a good decision by creating physical memories to be able to look back at my experiences. So here are some ideas on how to create physical products to help with the travel nostalgia that some of you might be feeling.  


Start scrapbooking: a cathartic, creative outlet

believe that starting a scrapbook is a great way to collect your ideas, your experiences and the memories of people you meet along the way. After living abroad for a few months in Cardiff, I found myself longing to go back. But I also wanted a way to somehow document the story of my experience thereStorytelling is always easier when using pictures and little keepsakes to preserve or arrange memories.

To start off, you’ll need some basic supplies. Of course, you need to collect small things throughout your trip and keep a fun design layout in mind! The overall composition is totally up to you. At the end of the day, it is for your own nostalgia. For inspiration, I would recommend checking out Instagram and Pinterest (DUH); there are some amazing ideas there.  


Write it all out in a blog

Blogging is a tool that is at everyone’s disposal. It can be done with just a pen and paper, as well as online or on a Word document. I definitely agree that blogs are an amazing way to, not only document your travel journeys, but also tell a captivating story. But unlike the scrapbook idea, you’ll need to use both words and images to create a magical combination. Keeping and updating a blog while travelling will not only provides you with memories, but it will also encourage you to seek out adventure. It can even change the way you choose to travel.



Or, write it out as a song

This is an unusual way to express yourself, but it might be just what you need! Something that inspired me was all the music out there that talks about traveling.

Some note-worthy examples as inspiration are:

  • Barcelona by Ed Sheeran
  • Road Trippin’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Havana by Camila Cabello

When writing your song, start off by choosing a theme, or something that really inspired or touched you while travelling. Do a bit of research about the structure of songs and then use your inspiration to write away about your adventures and experiences! Can you turn your travel blues into a great blues hit? Why don’t you give it a try?!


Go all-in: create your own vlog

I’ll admit I didn’t really think about keeping a video log of my traveling adventures at first, but doesn’t a vlog sound so cool?

It all started as I was watching vlogger influencers on Youtube, who post about their life almost everyday. I was super intrigued by the idea and decided to do some research about the process. I even tried it out during a trip that I had planned a few weeks later. The preparation involved a memory drive, large enough for all the videos I would be recording, learning how to edit and create movies and recording videos while on holiday. I had so much fun recording these videos. Although my family decided they didn’t want to be part of them, I still managed to record a lot of what we did. Editing was challenging, but so worth it!

I definitely recommend this option if you’re a visual person, it gives you so much great visual content for reminiscing and handling your travel nostalgia.