How to find the perfect travel destination for you


By Denise ter Avest

I believe that everyone should travel to a place they’ve never been to before, but I’ll admit that it’s hard to find the perfect destination. Sometimes I would even say that there is no perfect destination, rather a mindset that makes the destination perfect.

What I’m trying to say is that the destination is always perfect when you believe it is and you make the most of where you are and what you experience. It’s a positive mindset that can make any place and situation better than it is. And I can guarantee from experience, it’s a positive mindset that opened windows and doors for me to enjoy a trip more than I could imagine. 

Nevertheless, I do believe there are some factors that play a role in deciding how a journey turns out. I’ve listed down the 3 main ones for me that help me find the perfect travel destination.



Weather can be pretty bipolar, I’ve learned that from experience, but even with cold and rain or extreme heat, you can make the most of your destination! It’s the company you’re with and the indoor or outdoor activities that make the trip worth it.

When you think back to a trip in the past, most of the time you’ll remember the people you had so much fun with, or the amazing activities. Maybe you’ll even remember the time you ran so fast through the rain that you felt giddy and because it was so warm, decided to go swimming in the rain or the time you tried to bake eggs on the hood of your car because it was just that hot. No matter the weather, there is always something amazing you can do to make a destination perfect for you. 



You can prepare activities beforehand, but you can also go with the flow and spontaneously plan when you get to a destination. On a holiday a while ago, a friend and I didn’t know which destination we would be going to beforehand and found out where we would go on the day of, we ended up going to Rome. We didn’t have the option to do any planning or brainstorming, so we let the wind take us where it wanted to.

This included booking tours when we got there and walking around the city to discover amazing sights. This meant that we also saw the hidden places that we wouldn’t have seen with a chock full itinerary. With our positive mindset, we made the most of our crazy situation of not knowing where we were going. The experience was amazing and made the destination perfect for us.

That’s why you can prepare activities for your destination, but you can also leave until you get to the destination and do what you want to in the moment. I assure you that you will find the most amazing things to do.  



Choosing which people you travel with is also super important, making sure that they have the same interests and that you’ll doing things you both like is super important. First you need to make sure you have the same idea of activities, if you want to travel for cultural, physical or spiritual activities, or a mix. Then the style of travelling needs to be agreed on, are you going to plan everything beforehand, some of it, or nothing at all and be completely spontaneous?

Enjoying your company is also super important! You can really enjoy the location, activities and weather, but the most important aspect is that you enjoy travelling with the people you will be with for the days or weeks that you’ll be together. They will help make your destination perfect too.  


So, there you have it. I believe combining a positive mindset, deciding on how to approach activities and choosing the right company all help in making a destination perfect.

There is no perfect destination, rather a mindset that makes the destination perfect.

hope this was a good start to helping you figure out what the perfect destination is for you! If you’d like some inspiration to begin with, browse through our Journeys page and find some that seem appealing to you. Happy travels!