5 must-packs for your next hike


By Denise ter Avest

Hiking can often be intimidating when it comes to preparation. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. With the amount of benefits for your heart, body and mind (WebMD) involved in hiking, don’t let these packing nightmares hold you back.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of things to pack for your next hike trip to help you out. 


1. Plenty of food and water

Let’s start with the most important factor first: food and water.

Hiking is an intense sport, meaning that you will sweat and burn a lot of energy. Drinking enough water and keeping yourself fueled with food is extremely important. Hydration ensures that your body has the means to cool itself down (Runtastic).

Moreover, continuing to eat sufficiently provides fuel for your body (adventuremedicalkits). The balance of food and water intake is very important to ensure the overall health of your body. Packing food that’s rich in fiber and protein will contribute to strength throughout the hike and make sure that your energy levels don’t dip too low.  


2. Map/compass

Lost while hiking? Not with a detailed map of the location and a compass to guide the way! Many travel sites provide maps of trails and advice on the best routes as well as difficulty of the trails. Choosing the right hiking trail is the most essential step when planing your hike. The trail you choose will depend on your capabilities. Therefore, knowing your limits can significantly improve the choice of trail suitability. 

Sites with existing trails: HikingProjectAllTrails 


3. Sturdy hiking boots

With all the types of hiking boots out there, finding the right fit is a matchmaking process you need to commit to (for advice visit: REI). These boots are a necessity for their design, ensuring support, grip and blister prevention. Once you find the right pair, it will significantly improve your hiking experience and ensure that wear and tear of your feet is at a minimum. 


4. Pocketknife

When hiking with the goal to also camp, pocketknives are very convenient. Turning it into a tool for working with rope or cord, preparing fires, first-aid or preparing food are some of the many benefits of having a pocket knife around. The ease of portability, and functions pocketknives possess, make this tool a must-have to bring along on a hiking trip (availablemachinery)


5. Camera (optional)

Capturing memories can be achieved through a camera, but also mentally, which is why we consider this item as optional. Camera’s can be a great addition to the packing list, for those who know they will use it. If you know you will and decide to pack it, a tip is to pack it last, so it’s located at the top of your bag for easy access. Using a camera is also a great way to share your travel experiences with others and keep them updated about your journeys.  


must pack list for hiking


Worthy mention: Extra necessities

Some things will always be on the packing list, these are must-packs with a self-explanatory reasoning for needing them on the trip. Some of these must-packs are: a first-aid kit, toilet paper, fire starter, appropriate clothing (thermo clothes, sunscreen, rain gear – depending on the climate)With these additions to the packing list, you will be prepared for almost every situation. 

Preparing for a trail with all these must-packs will ensure that you’re ready to brave the hiking adventure you planned for. Now go out there and hike those mountains!