Cliffs bring me calmness…

The cliffs of the Algarve

Anyone who has traveled to Portugal before will probably agree with me when I state that the cliffs of the Algarve have a very special magic to them. From the cliffs of Portimeo to Alvor, as well as, Ponta da Piedade all the way to Luz and beyond. They are one of the finest natural features of the Algarve. And they are just asking for you to explore them!

This striking limestone coastline is formed of sea pillars, fragile rock arches and hidden grottos. One can really enjoy the scene by taking a boat trip around the coastline from Lagos Marina. It’ll be hard not to enjoy the views as you dart in and out of the caves and grottos, tides permitting. Personally, I believe the best way to experience the cliffs is just to walk the many paths to explore them. And once you’ve descended down to the beach, you get to see the golden colour of the cliffs meeting the turquoise colour of the ocean. It’s a truly magnificent sight to behold.

As I listen to the sound of the crashing waves against the cliffs, they speak to my soul and calm my mind. I realize the power of the water and how it has shaped the cliffs over decades of winter storms.

It amazes me how one element can bring both peace and destruction.

Carving out the rock, wave after wave, grain after grain, ever moving, ever changing. As Heraclitus used to say, “Change is in fact the only constant.”


The beaches of Lagos

Besides exploring cliffs, another activity I loved doing was beach walking. There are many little beaches that form Lagos, starting with Batata beach. One can almost walk all the way along the entire stretch of the beach with little tunnels connecting the small beaches. At some point, you have to go up some stairs and you can continue the walk to Praia do Camillo and that is where all the paths start. You could spend all day, even a few days along the cliffs! You can even explore all the way to the next beach of Porto de Mos.

I personally have done walks from Lagos to Porto de Mos, then onward to Luz. I’ve done Burgau to Luz and back, Burgau to Salema via Boco de Rio, Portimeo beach walk and cliff exploration, and Alvor beach walk and cliff exploration. Each stretch from beach to beach has its own unique feel and beauty to it. There are paths right on the cliffs or an option to walk slightly inland. There are even choices to walk in a loop instead of there and back. There are narrow paths along the cliffs and hidden grottos to explore at low tide. Truly beautiful spots to sit by and appreciate while having lunch!


How it all comes together

We all have days when we just feel down and low. On days like these, the magic of the cliffs can be felt. The beauty of the nature makes you appreciate life. There are a lot of things you can discover through nature. It offers you an understanding of the cycle of life and how each creation connects with one another. It teaches you to value even the smallest thing you come across in the world.

Nature has a way of reminding us that life is to be enjoyed, and that it is a lovely and exciting thing to be living.

It teaches us to just be in the moment, step by step, closer to the now, now, the now that is ever-changing. It gives you time to reflect on life and every experience you’ve been through. 

There is truly something magical, not only at the cliffs and beaches of the Algarve, but in nature itself.  I would like to urge you to step outside in nature, even if it’s just your garden or balcony. Every day. Just stop for a few minutes, focus on your breath, look around you, look up, close your eyes, listen to the sounds of nature and feel at one with all of it.

Connect to the true WI-FI: With Intention – Focus Internal(ly).