Passionate free-diver and foodie

Travel Goal: Getting lost and discovering new places

Tribes: Art & Festivals, Urban, Wellness & Education

For SaraLi, traveling the world has always been about improving herself. She has a daring personality that has pushed her to book unexpected one-way trips to Thailand & Myanmar and to face her fear of heights by going cliff-diving. She loves the rush of adrenaline, but that's not all. SaraLi knows that every new place has a new adventure to offer, and she likes to keep the major theme of her travels to be variety! Her experiences reflect just that: time-traveling in historic places, unobtrusive peeks into local lives, getting lost down crooked alleyways to stumble upon unadvertised events, and finding joy in the little moments along the way.

SaraLi believes traveling is one of the best investments of life, and she has just one question for you now: Are you ready for your next adventure?