Adventurous Doctor

Travel Goal: Explore the world as a Missionary Doctor

Travel Theme: Food, Urban, Wellness & Education

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Robby is an Albanian-born, Italian-raised and Chinese-based medical student with a passion for traveling. She considers herself a nomad as she is someone who doesn't have a permanent home, rather, she has multiple. Today, her home is a small dorm room in downtown Beijing. Tomorrow who knows?!

Between hospitals, busy schedules and responsibilities Robby’s, stress-remedy and window into self-discovery and self-growth is travel. By becoming acquainted with other cultures and traditions, meeting new people, experiencing new challenges, you broaden your horizons so much it’s hard to go back.

Traveling with Robby is the right way if you’re looking for a fun, informative but also glamorous vacation. She’s the perfect choice for all travelers who love experiencing all kinds of places, from small and cheap guesthouses to sea-view classy hotel suites; from hiking in the Alps to sipping cocktails in a fancy beach-club in the Ionian sea. If what you’re hunting for is an adventure-filled trip while also checking in the coolest places, Robby is the guide to go to. Her travels are full of fun-facts, adventures and most importantly: food!

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