World Wanderer, Creator & Writer

Travel Goal: To discover the depth of my capabilities

Tribes: Art & Festivals, Food, Wellness & Education

Melissa discovered her passion for wandering the world at the age of 18. After finishing up college, she knew there was more to life than school, work and paying the bills. So she packed up a bag and headed on her first solo adventure, to Israel. This significant step of taking the leap and going across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time made her get addicted to the high of traveling and meant that she didn't want to go back, so she moved to Tel Aviv and started going on a series of adventures all over Europe.

Now, she's a poetic fairy floating around, somewhere in the world, showing Mama Earth all the love she can.
There's no telling where she'll end up next, but you can bet there's craft beer, good food and a dang pretty view involved.