Travel journalist & nature lover

Travel Goal: Find the authenticity and magic in the places I visit

Travel Theme: Active, Expedition, Ladies

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Uniquely crafted by Lucia to inspire you. Each Journey is 100% customizable. Your preferences, your budget, your dates

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More about Lucia :

Lucia is a Spanish travel journalist who also does guided tours, currently based in Bordeaux, France. Since she was a child she has felt the need to know more, but it was really her erasmus in Croatia that pushed her to become a nomad. These last five years she has lived in Vietnam, France, Tenerife... For her, one of the most wonderful things about traveling is that moment before the trip when you need to organize everything and the illusion for what is to come. She likes to stay for a more or less long time in the places she visits in order to get to know them in depth. That's how you discover the real charm of a place.She likes active travel: hiking, trying new sports, making the most of the destination's natural places... For her, traveling is truly the meaning of life. Discovering what lies beyond our town or city, beyond our group of friends and our habits and beliefs.

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