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Travel Theme: Active, Expedition, Wellness & Education

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Katrina comes from a small town in Poland that didn’t even exist on maps 70 years ago. And so, it felt like everyone she knew growing up was from somewhere else.

She started to travel as a teenager, escaping school to hitchhike to Paris to visit the art galleries. She passed her final exams in her trekking shoes under her uniform skirt and a backpack left with the janitor. Right after highschool, she announced she'd be going on a gap year, and 13 years later, she still is on one!
In her experience, the words of Ibn Battuta, “traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller,” turned out to be true.

The more borders she crossed, the more strongly she felt the desire to give back to the communities that were hosting her so generously. In South Korea, she worked as a creativity teacher. In Cambodia, she became an art therapist in a mental hospital. In Spain and Jordan, she facilitated storytelling workshops for migrants and refugees. She also took on teaching scuba diving, sharing her love for the natural beauty of the reefs and raising awareness about their protection as a way of giving back to mother Earth.

Fun fact: Katrina is a published and internationally-awarded nomadic writer, and is currently working on her second book!