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Travel Goal: To visit every single country in Europe

Travel Theme: Active, Food, Short Getaways

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Jocelle’s childhood dream was to visit all the places she saw from books and travel shows. Little did she know that her dream would one day come true. She simply started from saving her salary to tour around the neighboring islands in her beautiful country of the Philippines with family and friends. Her horizon grew more as she became a military spouse who’s constantly on the move - from Asia to America and now happily exploring in Europe for almost three years.

When she travels, she’s particular with every detail but at the same time doesn't mind being random by asking a local on the best eats in the area. Budget-friendly trips, food crawls and off-the-beaten tracks are her go-to travel goals. She believes that traveling doesn't have to be luxurious, there’s the great outdoors to hike all season and free museums to support thriving artists around the world. She is also a huge advocate for local cuisines and family-owned restaurants that preserves the history and culture of every city or country. As a certified foodie, she always tries to incorporate her travels with active experiences to burn those extra calories like hiking in the alps and touring on a bike in the city. She doesn't only ensure that she's maintaining a healthy lifestyle but she also tries to contribute in her own little way to keeping travels more eco-friendly.