Writing enthusiast & adventure seeker

Travel Goal: Cultural and local immersion

Tribes: Active, Expedition, Short Getaways

Much like a working Bee, always active and using its hands to communicate and share the knowledge, Ghadir found that blogging and writing have given her an outlet to connect and share with the world around her. Sharing her experience and culture has helped her gain a better perspective on the world and the amazing people who inhabit it, a perspective she would like to share with others, a perspective where we are not afraid to take chances and jump right in adventures.

Connecting with the locals has always been one of the most important goals of travel for Ghadir, that is why she believes in total immersion experiences where you would live like a local, following their habits, eating the local food, learning the language, and staying open to their culture and traditions. As well as cultural immersion, Ghadir finds travel to be a great opportunity to embrace the unknown, she recommends that any traveler should at least once purchase a one way ticket without knowing where their next stop will be, what their next meal is going to be, or when they would go back home, letting the road and adventure lead the way.

Be prepared to discover, exchange and share; this is what Ghadir would always bring to her travels: discover new places and cultures and ultimately yourself, exchange knowledge and culture, and share that knowledge with others.