Part-time doctor, Full-time vagabond

Travel Goal: To hunt peak experiences and grow during a journey

Tribes: Active, Expedition, Short Getaways

When I was younger I had been the archetypal ambitious “gunner.” However, my plans were derailed by some serious health conditions. The things that defined me like varsity sports and my education suffered a major setback. After my recovery I took a leap of faith and moved to Australia. This move in itself and the complete geographical change has given me countless opportunities to adventure and despite the conventional nature of my chosen profession of physician, I cannot imagine my life without travel.

I have come to truly believe that we are sold a false idea that our dreams of exploring the world are predicated on becoming financially successful, saving up before we can retire early and only then be able to travel. It’s sold as an exotic product and we try to purchase it like an expensive watch or luxury handbag, but to me travelling is more a way of life and requires a mindset far beyond the amount of cash in our wallets. Experiences and lessons gained whilst adventuring have taught me far more than the classroom and I believe the insights gained while travelling allow you to make the most of the lessons that are waiting to be internalised in your “normal” life.