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Since Esteban was a kid, he'd spend hours glancing at planes flying over the highest mountains, wondering where they were headed. That curiosity set him off. In his early twenties, Esteban went on his first solo trip to South America, where he fell in love with the road, its people, its natural wonders and landscapes, cultures and traditions, the biggest cities and the smallest towns. Upon his return to his homeland, Costa Rica, he studied ecotourism and became a licensed tour guide. For the past sixteen years, he has been living and working on the scenes of Latin America as a tour leader, guiding trips in thirteen different countries in Central America and South America. This nomadic lifestyle and the love for travel also took Esteban on an adventure of exploring other corners of the World, visiting over forty countries.

Traveling with Esteban is for all types of travelers and budgets. You will encounter new adventures, meet the locals and even be a local at times, explore the jungle and its biodiversity, savor new tastes, share experiences with other travelers, and take the off-beaten path whenever possible. Traveling for Esteban is not just a stamp on your passport; it is a life-changing and character-building experience. To chase spontaneity, to read the pages of life, to get exposed safely, to throw yourself into the unknown and to discover the purity of life as it comes is what matters. Pura Vida!

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