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Travel Theme: Active, Food, Wellness & Education

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Erin is a New Zealand Olympian with a passion for travelling roads unknown and stumbling into adventure. From staying in treehouses in Australia to an underground cave in Thailand, Erin has always had a knack for finding those experiences that are truly off-the-beaten path. Now, as she nears her thirties, she is still actively exploring the world around her with the same passion that burned within her as a child. Having visited over 30 countries for leisure and for her career, she knows there is still so many places to be explored and incredible people to meet.

Erin is currently living the Nomad life as a copywriter but will soon be moving to a new destination depending on where her football takes her next. Her favorite destination is Bali, and she hopes to return there one day.
Erin also has a degree in Biology and is in awe of the natural world. She loves destinations that involve wildlife, nature, and cheap, delicious food. She always strives to engage with the locals and is always respectful of culture and traditions.

Erin will endeavor to create a unique and memorable experience for you. Whether you enjoy adventure, culture, or food – you name it! She knows how to create an experience that you will LOVE. She believes stories are more important than things and she will help you create tales that you’ll tell for years to come.

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