Sun chasing traveler & Road trip lover

Travel Goal: To experience personal growth by exploring the world

Travel Theme: Active, Short Getaways, Wellness & Education

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From a very young age, Carla's parents instilled a seed of passion for traveling in her that has sprouted and blossomed significantly since. During her student years, Carla embarked on numerous adventures while traveling on budget—she has become a true master of making the most of one's time regardless of the size of one's wallet. She discovered her favorite and most freeing way to travel: road trips! Not planning ahead too much, just hitting the road and being open to surprises along the way, that's what it's all about!

Traveling for Carla is not going on vacation—it's about true independence and blissful spontaneity. Here today, there tomorrow, Carla indulges in the experience by being open to new cultures, trusting the journey that's in store for her and as a result, experiencing pure joy in life. When Carla travels, she leaves the ordinary behind and dives into a journey of self-exploration while being surrounded by a new, exciting, unknown world.