Serial entrepreneur & wine connoisseur

Travel Goal: Step foot on all 7 continents

Travel Theme: Active, Expedition, Ladies

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Carae was born and raised Texan. A lover of new places, adventure, and all things tex-mex… Can anyone say jalapeno margaritas?! She moved to West Africa in 2018 in hopes of seeing the world and  she has not been disappointed. Since then life has been a constant adventure of traveling solo around the globe while creating easy to follow travel guides, working as a luxury travel consultant and a freelance marketing consultant. Carae tend to shoot for the stars so tell me your goals and she will make sure they are accomplished! Carae loves to explore different cultures, and sit with locals to better understand them and their country. She has met the coolest people and has seen the prettiest places and she never wants it to stop. Carae prefers warm weather destinations over cold, and she is convinced a swim in the salty sea can solve almost any problem. Slow travel has become a way of life for her, creating lasting relationships with places and people from all over. She has even been known to overstay a visa or two when she falls in love with a country... yikes! But, a few dollars here and there and she is back on my way to the next destination. So, if you are looking for adventure, breathtaking destinations, and an all around time of your life experience then come on! Let's do this thing together!

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