About Us

Who Are We?

Hello & welcome, journey seeker!

Thank you for checking out our About Us page. Here, you'll get to know more about our goals, our values and how our travel style is better for the world.

We are a platform that allows experienced travelers to share their love of the world’s wonders with others. WITH matches you with Nomads who travel in your spirit and lead creative tribes. Our Nomads will inspire you and create journeys that will make your heart beat faster!

Have you always wanted to:

  • travel and interact in a group of genuine, like-minded people
  • truly immerse yourself into a culture and connect with its people
  • explore a place while respecting your local surroundings

Do you want all of the above in one experience, organized and guided by a passionate travel pro?

Well then, WITH is the platform for you.

Our Mission statement

To re-envision the world by creating a travel community and sharing unique journeys that value self-growth and respect local surroundings.

Our Vision statement

To be the market leader in the new travel wave that is tailored around human experiences and interactions.

Our Values

Community-based - We want to create a community of travelers who come from all around the world. Our Nomads appreciate and encourage active engagement with local communities at the destinations they visit.

Ethical - We strive to ensure that all the activities and services we offer are ethically-sourced. This is with respect to the local communities as well as the environment.

Sustainable - One of our key values is to promote sustainable travel habits. We'd like to bring awareness to others about an environmentally-conscious travel lifestyle.

Creative - We believe in finding creative and alternative styles of travel. We aim to continuously update the way in which we view the world and how we choose to roam it.

Our Tribes

When people with similar interests come together, there is an instant bond and a sense of community that forms. This is akin to the vibe of being part of a tribe.

We want our platform to offer a variety of Nomads with different interests to encourage a more creative exchange of travel knowledge.

Our tribes also represent how one location can be explored in a completely different light based on the activities done. We want to offer as much diversity for a destination as possible!