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10 Days in Nepal
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7 Days in Mozambique
Price from $1500
5 Days in South Africa
Price from $1800
5 Days in Gabon
Price from $1499
6 Days in South Africa
Price from $585
4 Days in Egypt
Price from $500
5 Days in Uganda
Price from $2000
6 Days in South Africa
Price from $1200
5 Days in South Africa
Price from $800
8 Days in Ghana
Price from $1760
7 Days in South Africa
Price from $750

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We build communities of travelers who love to explore new cultures and enjoy engaging & connecting with locals while traveling.


We strive to ensure all our Journeys are ethically-sourced, with respect to local communities as well as the environment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a travel planner?

Our travel planners are travelers from around the world that are rich in travel experience and experts in curating itineraries for those who are on a mission to discover more about a place and its people. Their experience comes from a style of travel that is slow paced and allows them to focus on staying in one place a little while longer than a normal tourist would. This creates the opportunity for deep connection with the local people, places, culture, nature, etc. and in turn brings more depth and knowledge to the journeys created for YOU!

How do you select new travel planners?

We select our travel planners based on how experienced they are in their journey destination. They must live an invested life that is sustainable and community-oriented. Our experts are extremely passionate about travel as a lifestyle and avid travelers themselves, living in a different place every season to continue to grow their knowledge of places to bring new opportunities to our travelers.

Why do you have journey themes ?

Our journeys are themed to ensure we cater to a community of people who all seek the same type of adventures with the same interests and goals in travel. Journeys designed by our experienced planners with these themes in mind have the ability to open your eyes to a specific aspect of a destination. The themes we focus on at WithTravel are: Active, Food, Expedition, Wellness & Education, Urban, Arts & Festivals and Short Getaways.