It’s not just a trip, it’s a journey

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Edge of the World

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How it works

WITH connects verified nomads around the world with travelers eager to join their journeys.

Discover your tribe

Find out what travel style suits you most by discovering the nomads that inspire you most, the journeys you get most excited about and the stories that you relate to most.

Come & say “hi”

Our nomads are super cool and they are happy to have a conversation with you about the journeys they are planning or to provide you with travel advice and guidance on the places they connect to and know most about.

Book your journey and Travel

Start your journey by meeting like-minded travelers led by an inspiring nomad that would make you feel like you already met in another universe

Apply to become a Nomad

Our application is short, but we would like to be inspired by your blog, social media, and project/company. (we are looking for real travelers that show the realities of travel to their audience)

Join the Nomad tribe

Once your application is accepted, we will invite you for a brainstorm where we will discuss the ideas you have for journeys, stories. After that you will be added to our nomad community

Offer & Share

Offer your journey to the WITH community of travelers and start meeting like-minded people while earning an income through the journeys you host and make friends from all over the world

Our Promise


We want to create a community of travelers, from all around the world, who appreciate and encourage active engagement with the local communities at the destinations visited.


We strive to ensure that all the activities and merchandise we offer are ethically - sourced with respect to the local communities as well as the environment.


One of our key values is to promote sustainable travel habits, as well as bring awareness to others about environmentally conscious travel life.


Lastly, we believe in continuously updating the way we view the world to understand it better, by finding creative and alternative styles of travel.

Featured Nomads

Meet our hand-picked group of skilled travel pioneers

Featured Journeys

One-of-a-kind trips created for the daring and curious

Featured Stories

Read about our Nomad's travel stories, personal reflections, tips and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

A nomad is someone who is connected with his or her local environment. This includes, people, places, culture, nature, etc. Their goal is to inspire, to be able to show journey seekers what it’s like to travel with friends rather than with a travel agency. They want to be the change in the travel industry and make sure that the effect of travel is more positive for local communities, to be the support for them.
A tribe is a community of people who all seek the same type of adventures with the same interests and goals for travelling. Journeys created by nomads in these tribes consist of similar themes and will open journey seekers eyes to a specific focus of a destination. The tribes existing at WithTravel are: Active, Food, Expedition, Wellness & Education, Urban, Ladies, Arts & Festivals or Short Getaways. As a journey seeker you can discover the different types of journeys through the tribe guide on the website.
We select our nomads based on how invested, sustainable and community-oriented they are. This means that nomads are only selected when they portray that they are willing to be part of the WithTravel community. Nomads are mostly people who love to travel and to share this love of travel with others. They’re goal is to create connections with the local communities and to find the best way to travel sustainably and consciously, this is what we at WithTravel value most.
You will be travelling with your nomad, as well as a group of other journey seekers who are also looking for an adventure in any one of our tribes. The amount of journey seekers that will be joining you and the nomad depends on the nomads’ preference and is normally stated on the journey information page.
Travelling with a nomad is not like travelling with a travel guide, they are or will become your friends in unique, local communities. You will be able to meet these nomads online through calls and create a connection with them even before your journey. Travelling with a nomad is special because they know the ins and outs of the local communities; they know the special spots, where it is safe and how to navigate through these amazing places.